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    Bring it!

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EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Son of Former President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

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2022-01-26 22:01:42 Heroic Truck Driver Stands Up To Medical Tyranny!
18.7K views19:01
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2022-01-26 17:01:06 Grandpa Joe Biden Just LOST IT on Peter Doocy!
69.7K views14:01
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2022-01-21 00:12:51 Joe Biden: One Year Of Failure
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2022-01-19 05:01:57 Watch: I GO OFF on the FBI's Corrupt Leadership
79.6K views02:01
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2022-01-19 02:44:04 URGENT: Radical leftists are trying to consolidate power and destroy our democracy. They know the only way to pass their extreme agenda is to change the rules. Stand with Conservative leaders and save the filibuster NOW!!!
97.3K views23:44
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2022-01-18 03:58:25
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2022-01-17 01:58:05
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2022-01-17 01:43:56
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2022-01-14 20:59:07
I mean give me a fucking break already.
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2022-01-14 02:50:02 Wow: Bidenflation is Officially Out of Control!
34.4K views23:50
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2022-01-13 03:57:06 Sickening: USA Today Tries to "Understand" Pedophilia...
102.8K views00:57
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2022-01-12 21:05:55 I Can't Believe It's True: Michael Jackson is Alive!
84.8K views18:05
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2022-01-11 21:07:42 LOL: CNN Has Completely Lost Their Minds!
73.2K views18:07
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2022-01-11 17:01:38 The CDC Finally Admitted What We've Known All Along!
140.1K views14:01
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2022-01-11 06:17:06
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2022-01-11 04:57:59
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2022-01-10 21:35:09
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2022-01-07 19:05:54 NO MORE F-ING MANDATES!!!
BREAKING: The Supreme Court will rule on Biden’s national vaccine mandate. Enough is enough!
It’s time we stand for freedom and tell the Supreme Court to halt the mandate. Do that here now!
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2022-01-07 18:00:17
86.0K views15:00
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2022-01-03 20:04:29
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2021-12-31 22:40:10
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2021-12-27 22:32:17
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2021-12-25 04:54:33 Christmas Came Early! Biden Agrees and Says "Let's Go Brandon!"
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2021-12-24 16:45:32
I mean these days this is a legitimate point. Thoughts?
106.5K views13:45
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2021-12-23 19:38:21
Sign and in the process help us take backs the senate so our future doesn’t hang by by a thread every other week. Sign here now!
17.9K views16:38
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