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Raising awareness about the illegals hitting the SE Kent coast

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2021-12-18 01:20:00 Dec 17 2021
Thursday, December 16, 2021, the Gris-Nez Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS) is informed that many boats attempting to cross the Channel are in difficulty in the Strait of Pas-de-Calais.

To assist people in difficulty, the CROSS has engaged numerous maritime resources:

- The Cormorant public service patrol vessel (PSP) of the French Navy;

- The Garonne metropolitan support and assistance building (BSAM) of the French Navy;

- The all-weather canoe President Jacques Huret of the National Society for Rescue at Sea (SNSM) of Boulogne-sur-Mer (62);

- The all-weather canoe Jean Bart II of the SNSM of Dunkirk (59).

During these rescue operations, 138 castaways in difficulty were recovered and then deposited at the dock. They were taken care of by the border police (PAF) and the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS) in the following ports: Gravelines, Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The maritime prefect of the Channel and the North Sea warns anyone who plans to cross the Channel of the risks involved. This maritime sector is one of the busiest areas in the world, the weather conditions are often difficult (120 days of wind greater than or equal to force 7 on annual average for example), it is therefore a particularly dangerous sector, especially during periods winter where the water temperature drops.

138 saved ready to cross tomorrow no doubt .
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2021-12-17 13:57:20

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2021-12-17 11:41:47 The French ‘stopped’ 11 but let 467 cross .
Wtf are we paying them for ???
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2021-12-16 20:47:46
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2021-12-16 13:47:48
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2021-12-16 13:47:37
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2021-12-12 13:51:00
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2021-12-10 03:07:09

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2021-12-10 00:51:56 They’re worse than toddlers fighting over a poxy toy .
How the hell did we end up with these Britain hating morons supposedly representing us when all they care about is their own corrupt agenda ?!!!!

They have lied for decades !!!
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2021-12-09 19:16:36
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