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2023-01-28 05:02:17
Nothing happening is Washington. Small protest. The msm propaganda machine doesn’t seem to be working anymore
50.5K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 02:02
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2023-01-28 02:05:31 I’m in dc tracking tonight’s and this weekends events if any. The mainstream is formulating a heavy narrative. I’m hearing comparisons to Rodney king. I’ve been receiving comms over email and contacts about a March on k street by blm and some other stuff. I’ll be checking it out and posting if I see anything. That’s the latest.
49.4K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 23:05
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2023-01-28 02:00:24
VP Motorcade leaving downtown headed towards the Observatory just before the release of video out of Memphis. That’s the latest.
49.6K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 23:00
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2023-01-27 17:47:10
If you want to know where we are at this video tells you.

I wanted to show some beauty in the glass reflections. While doing so the store manager asked me if I was casing the place?

Mornings grocery shoppers are generally older and I’d say 70% are wearing masks. I’m watching them move slow, no energy, just going through the motions after God knows how many flu/shingles/COVID shots etc.

This is the reality in most places. Humanity in America has been highly dumbed down, programmed, and poisoned. Not to mention fined and taxed at every turn.

None the less, the cloud reflection is still beautiful
43.6K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 14:47
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2023-01-27 17:16:45
New ad from Burberry. Its an emotion and energy suck. Point is it’s not going to stop.

More reason to turn off all tv/msm/sports/etc. The current world at large is a propaganda train wreck. It’s sick.
46.8K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 14:16
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2023-01-27 17:12:54
Today’s newspaper headlines
42.3K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 14:12
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2023-01-27 05:17:33
The future of food delivery.
Los Angeles, CA 1/26/2023
40.3K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 02:17
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2023-01-20 00:34:48
28.4K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 21:34
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2023-01-20 00:25:07
Reagan airport going cashless. Buffalo airport New York is already 100% cashless.

Credit card readers integrated into the tables.
29.3K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 21:25
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2023-01-19 23:20:00
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26.8K viewsRichard Citizen Journalist, 20:20
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