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Donald J. Trump

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Logo of telegram channel real_donaldjtrump — Donald J. Trump
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Uncensored posts from the Office of Donald J. Trump
Reserved for the 45th President of the United States

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2023-03-28 15:34:09
Great job by Congressman James Comer. The Democrats are using Prosecutors for purposes of Election Interference. It is their new way of CHEATING on Elections!
49.7K views12:34
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2023-03-27 23:43:06 The Democrats used Covid inspired Mail In Ballots to CHEAT. Even Jimmy Carter’s Commission said that Mail In Ballots will lead to massive cheating, which they they have. France, and others, gave up on them — MASSIVE FRAUD. Now they are using PROSECUTORS to CHEAT — No shame. They are the lowest of the low!
104.0K views20:43
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2023-03-27 23:01:27 I won a Federal lawsuit for almost $500,000 against Stormy “Horseface” Danials. Never had an “affair” with her, and would never have wanted to!
110.0K views20:01
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2023-03-27 05:08:49 China, Russia, and Iran, not to mention North Korea and other countries, have placed the U.S. in a very bad and dangerous position. They are dividing up the World as we sit around and let them do it. They no longer respect the U.S., BUT THEY WILL!!!
98.1K views02:08
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2023-03-27 00:28:43 We. Will. Not. Be. Silenced.
@PearFEED (top posts)
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6.7K views21:28
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2023-03-26 21:34:25
48.2K views18:34
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2023-03-26 05:59:17
They’re not coming after ME, they’re coming after YOU—and I am standing in their way!
129.2K views02:59
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2023-03-26 05:53:11 The Manhattan D.A. Witch Hunt against me is DEAD, no evidence at all, & it has been conclusively proven that I did nothing wrong! The evidence against their “Star” witness, however, is overwhelming. An already disbarred lawyer & convicted Felon, the only question left is will the D.A.s Office sue him for lying & fraud. They should! The SDNY already found him guilty on charges unrelated to “TRUMP,” & wrote a scathing report. He is responsible for time taken away from the D.A. on VIOLENT CRIME!
127.6K views02:53
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2023-03-25 14:12:06 “I want to applaud China…..I mean Canada.” The room erupted in laughter. This was Biden’s big punchline today speaking before the Canadian Parliment in Ottawa, Ontario. Just a disaster - We are a Nation in Decline!
135.2K views11:12
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2023-03-24 22:57:06 Does Joe Biden understand that the reason NATO exists, loaded up with CASH, is because President Donald J. Trump insisted that “delinquent” Nations, of which there were many, carry their own weight and pay their fair share. If not, I insisted, we WILL NOT PROTECT THEM FROM THE “EVIL EMPIRE.” THE MONEY CAME POURING IN AFTER DECADES OF NONPAYMENT & ABUSE. I HAVEN’T HEARD JOE SAY, “THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR THE GREAT JOB YOU DID.” Perhaps I’m just not listening!
160.3K views19:57
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