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The Real Great Awakening

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Logo of telegram channel q17_awakening — The Real Great Awakening
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New World = Plan A

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2023-05-20 19:15:31
Unmasking the Unseen Conflict: The Truth About the Ongoing War

In a world largely unaware of its existence, a monumental war is unfolding, surpassing anything we have witnessed before. This is not a distant event looming on the horizon; it is a present reality that has been silently progressing for quite some time.

Now is the time to rally together under the banners of #NCSWIC (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming) and #WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All). Join the ranks of those who seek to bring an end to the perpetuation of conflicts, to reclaim the power of information, and to forge a path towards a future free from manipulation and hidden agendas.

Together, let us unravel the intricate web of deceit, inspiring a movement that exposes the truth, and paves the way for a world where transparency and integrity prevail.

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2023-05-20 19:05:31
Hollywood has been throwing pedophilia and Satanism in our face for many years. In 2005, the Cartoon Network ran an episode of the kid’s show Johnny Test featuring a helicopter named CIA Pizza with the slogan “We Deliver To Evil Secret Islands”. Still want to tell me Pizzagate is a “conspiracy theory”? I want to note it’s been documented that Jeffrey Epstein was in communication with the CIA. Also, Ghislaine Maxwell had a helicopter and submarine license. Maxwell transported trafficking victims to Epstein’s pedophile island via a helicopter he bought for her.

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2023-05-20 18:28:53 "EXPOSED: Shocking Details of Nazi Spies' Harvard Tunnels Escape Uncover Trafficking Rings and Military Tribunals

Behind the scenes, a collision course is unfolding, as top government officials and elites are being subpoenaed to reveal their involvement in human trafficking rings connected to the Harvard tunnels and beyond. Shockingly, it has been discovered that the extensive underground tunnel system at Harvard is over 100 miles long and connects to the Naval Submarine Base in New London - a primary base of the US East Coast Submarine Force. What's more, Ghislaine Maxwell's father, a super spy for Mossad, MI6, and the CIA, was intimately involved in funding her operations and bringing her into the intelligence agencies.

As the Epstein list inches closer to being fully exposed, the CIA is in full panic mode, and its plan to install Gavin Newsom as the next US President is rapidly crumbling. The military tribunals taking place in the Virgin Islands are revealing shocking details about the Epstein trafficking rings connected to the Five Finger Lakes, Horsehead, and Canada, as well as several US islands involved in human trafficking.

White hats are planning to drop major leaks, including unredacted files on the JFK assassination, revealing a military coup and cover-up by the FBI in collusion with the US military coup against JFK. The season of whistleblowers is upon us, and the storm is inside NATO, the UN, and the CIA's killbox.

With the world on the brink of collapse, it's time to ask the tough questions. Why does Hunter Biden have a tattoo of the Five Finger Lakes on his back? And why did Flynn share an article on child sex trafficking around the Five Finger Lakes? The truth is out there, and it's more shocking than anyone could have ever imagined."

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2023-05-20 18:27:06 SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Did NASA Really Land on the Moon? Explosive Claims Exposed!

Prepare to have your beliefs shattered as a former head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, boldly declares that NASA's moon landings were nothing but an elaborate hoax. Rogozin, the ex-director general of Russia's prestigious space corporation, questioned how the United States achieved such a monumental feat in the 1960s that they supposedly cannot replicate today.

But that's not all—NASA's startling admission adds fuel to the fire. They confess that they can no longer venture to the moon due to "lost" technology from the 1960s. How could such advanced technology simply vanish, especially in an age where our smartphones surpass the capabilities of NASA's computers from that era?

Rogozin's investigative team delved deep into the matter, uncovering a shocking revelation. Despite Russia having the technological means to monitor the moon landings in real-time, there was no evidence, photographs, or documentation to substantiate NASA's claims. A sinister cover-up involving Russia's space agency and NASA comes to light, suggesting a delicate international relationship kept the truth hidden.

Moreover, the scarcity of legitimate photographs of Earth since the moon landings raises suspicions. The only existing photo was supposedly pieced together from fragments due to clouds. Yet, modern technology allows photographers and editors to manipulate images effortlessly, exposing discrepancies in NASA's lunar and Earth photos. Strange videos emerge, showcasing astronauts caught using green screens, wire harnesses, and peculiar sightings of flies and mice aboard spacecraft supposedly floating in zero gravity.

Unraveling the threads of history, we question the intricate connections between the Bush family's involvement with Hitler's regime, Operation Paperclip, and the creation of NASA. Could it be mere coincidence that Prescott Bush, a member of Yale's Skull and Bones secret society, played a pivotal role in funding Hitler and laying the foundations for NASA? The web of intrigue continues with George H.W. Bush becoming the director of the CIA, another Skull and Bones member, solidifying the enigmatic ties between these powerful entities.

The Apollo 11 mission, touted as a remarkable voyage to the moon, raises perplexing questions. How did it traverse half a million miles and endure 25,000 miles of radiation belts with a single tank of fuel? And why did NASA never return, conveniently claiming the loss of moon-traveling technology?

Prepare for a mind-bending journey into the depths of deception and hidden agendas. The truth about NASA's moon landings and their enigmatic ties to influential figures and secret societies will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Buckle up for an extraordinary expedition into the unknown.

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2023-05-20 16:04:55
Breaking News: Unprecedented History in the Making! President Assad Defies Western Pressure, Attends Arab League Summit in Saudi Arabia, Ending 12-Year Boycott!

Against all odds, President Assad has arrived in Saudi Arabia, sparking a seismic shift in geopolitical dynamics. Arab countries boldly defy Western warnings and threats, fearlessly embracing normalization with Damascus. Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking era unfolding before our eyes!

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2023-05-19 21:33:48 Jamie Dimon's power and the connection between JP Morgan and the deep state, including Epstein's involvement facilitated by the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 deep state alliance, which can be traced back to the creation of Robert Maxwell, enabled the Cabal to gain control over US military intelligence and blackmail operations. This ultimately led to the capture of US generals and commanders within the deep state system and the establishment of a global fiat money laundering system. The planning for these operations dates back to the early 1900s and the preplanning of the CIA.

The true story behind the deep state's control over the world through money laundering operations via the fiat system, involvement of CIA, Mossad, MI6, and other intelligence agencies, and the inclusion of blackmail operations involving influential figures like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the Vatican (which established the first intelligence agencies infiltrating nations) is now unraveling. These operations were instrumental in creating the fiat system and the world banking system. In the late 80s, pedophilia and sex trafficking blackmail operations orchestrated by Epstein, affiliated with the CIA, were initiated, ensnaring nations, leaders, and governments. The financial aspects of this deep state money are connected to JP Morgan, Epstein, deep state military intelligence, social media, Facebook, and DARPA operations. The Ukraine war, planned by the CIA decades ago, is also intertwined in this complex web.

The plan to release deadly vaccines and instigate chaos is now falling apart as a global awakening takes place. The Epstein saga is only beginning, and a collaborative effort involving Trump, white hats, the military alliance, and the Cheyenne Mountains holds the keys to unraveling the truth.

Behind the scenes, the military alliance has issued warnings to JP Morgan, world banks, the cabal, and deep state military intelligence that the Epstein case will come to light, and the lawsuits and subpoenas in the Virgin Islands are just the beginning. Nothing can stop the impending exposure, which will trigger a storm of arrests and operations.

Military courts are conducting debriefings with several elites connected to Citigroup and the Crown family, who wield power in Chicago (including Obama). While public television portrays a certain narrative, behind the scenes, classified military operations are underway through debriefings. Subpoenas are being issued globally to the world's richest and most influential individuals, serving as a warning to the deep state.

The Biden laptop directly links Epstein, JP Morgan, Ukraine, biolabs, the virus, FBI, CIA, and DARPA operations. The circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden's decision to take his laptop to a store computer technician, leave it there for an extended period, and not seek assistance from his network of friends, including technicians from MIT, Yale, Harvard, raise questions. Why did Hunter choose an ordinary store instead? The answer suggests he was forced to do so due to military operations and game theory at play.

Follow the white rabbit operations are in progress, with Biden wearing a rubber mask and Pelosi acting as an actor. The Hunter Biden laptop serves as a significant marker. The hunters become the hunted, as indicated by Q.

The number of copies of the "laptop from hell" in existence, including those made by the storekeeper, Rudy Giuliani, FBI, and CIA, and how Matt Gaetz and Putin obtained the files, remain undisclosed. The question of who will leak first remains unanswered.

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2023-05-19 21:26:09 Explosive Revelation: White Hats Expose Shocking Child Trafficking Network Connected to Biden Administration and Elite Figures!

Behind the scenes, courageous federal agencies and agents known as the White Hats are meticulously leaking critical information to influential figures like Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and Jones. Brace yourself for the mind-blowing files that link the Biden administration, U.S. corporations, businesses, and elites to a massive child trafficking network!

The Leaks: Unveiling a Dark Conspiracy!

These intentional leaks, strategically directed by the White Hats, are causing shockwaves as the information makes its way to Congress and senators through the powerful voices of Rogan, Musk, and Jones. With an enormous audience of over a quarter of a billion worldwide, the largest human child trafficking network in U.S. history has already reached the halls of Congress.

Testimony of Truth: Senator Josh Hawley Drops a Bombshell!

Witness history unfold as American leader and Senator Josh Hawley fearlessly testifies under oath, exposing Joe Biden's alleged involvement in the largest child trafficking ring to date. These innocent children have been tragically ensnared in sex rings and child labor forces within the United States itself.

Countdown to Revelation: Jones, Rogan, and Musk Hold the Key!

Stay tuned for the imminent bombshell leaks! Jones, the expected pioneer, will unleash damning evidence before senators and Congress, while Joe Rogan is primed to delve deep into the story in the coming weeks. Brace yourself for Elon Musk's monumental exposé of the pedophilia ring saga, set to rock the world by summer!

Connecting the Dots: Unmasking the U.S. Pedophilia Ring!

The White Hats are masterfully connecting the dots, utilizing the influence of the world's biggest podcasters and social media platforms. The stage is being set for the exposure of the U.S. pedophilia ring, implicating the CIA, Epstein, government officials, banks, and influential powers at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

The Quest for Truth: Unveiling Deep State Secrets!

Secret depositions and debriefings involving prominent figures like Sergey Brin, JP Morgan officials, and the world's wealthiest individuals at the Virgin Island courts have yielded astonishing success. Legal FISA warrants empower the White Hats to pursue foreign agencies, including UN, NATO, and world banks, unraveling the real truth. Long ago, the White Hats obtained critical evidence through USSF, FISA, McAfee Tech, Epstein servers, and even tapped into the Hunter Biden laptop.

The Storm Approaches: The Collapse of the Deep State Military Complex!

Panic ensues within deep state military commands as the unimaginable connection between pedophilia and child sex trafficking rings and the military is revealed. The knowledge and evidence nobody wants to acknowledge are suppressed, while the Biden administration allegedly obstructs human trafficking investigations, allowing the release of over 100,000 pedophiles across the U.S. Shockingly, Texas is reportedly being forced to release over 20,000 pedophiles, while 350,000 kids remain lost in immigration programs, 100,000 kids are entirely missing, and 25,000 are trapped in known pedophilia rings.

Whistleblowers Rise: Unleashing the Truth!

Prepare for a tsunami of truth as brave whistleblowers step forward. The walls close in on D.C., the FBI, CIA, and even the UN, as the Epstein saga unfolds behind closed doors, leaving military commanders in a state of panic.

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2023-05-19 20:22:30 Unraveling the Mystery: Strange Events Surrounding Putin Assassination Attempt!

Prepare to question everything you thought you knew as we delve into the bizarre circumstances surrounding the alleged Putin assassination attempt. Something just doesn't add up, and it's time to uncover the shocking truth hidden beneath the surface!

Putin's Elusive Whereabouts: The Kremlin's Sleeping Secret Revealed!

Behind closed doors, intelligence agencies have a different story to tell. It's a well-known secret that Putin doesn't actually sleep in the Kremlin, contrary to popular belief. Brace yourself for the mind-bending revelations that challenge the narrative presented by military intelligence and NATO commands!

Russian Technological Marvels: Unveiling the Unthinkable

Hold onto your seats as we expose Russia's extraordinary technological capabilities that rival even the mighty Iron Dome of the United States and Israel. The speed of drones pales in comparison to the lightning-fast missiles in Russia's arsenal. What could this mean for the alleged assassination attempt? The pieces of this puzzling puzzle are falling into place!

False Flag Alert: Russia's Masterful Deception Unveiled!

Dive into the world of false flag operations, a dark art mastered by intelligence agencies worldwide. Could this alleged assassination attempt be yet another carefully orchestrated false flag, meticulously created by Russia to pave the way for their next stage of retaliation and unleash a wave of devastating bombings? Brace yourself for shocking revelations that will leave you speechless!

CIA's Color Revolution: Unveiling Decades of Deception

Discover the deep-rooted secrets of the CIA as we expose their expertise in orchestrating color revolutions in over a hundred countries for more than six decades. It's time to question the narratives we've been fed and uncover the hidden agenda behind this perplexing event. The truth will leave you astounded!

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. The pieces of this intricate puzzle are coming together, and the world will never be the same again! Stay tuned for the shocking truth that lies beneath the surface of this mysterious Putin assassination attempt!

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2023-05-18 21:18:41 Smoke Screens of Deception: Unveiling the CIA-Media Nexus

Hold on tight as we expose the shocking truth behind the chaos that engulfs our world. The CIA and their puppet masters are playing a dangerous game, orchestrating 4th and 5th generation warfare to maintain control.

Discover the sinister plot of a select few elites who have dominated world affairs for centuries. These powerful figures, numbering just 2,400, wield control over Fortune 500 companies, the Committee of 300, BlackRock, the CIA, and mainstream media. Uncover their web of corruption and deceit.

Unmask the truth behind the extremist movements used as pawns in their grand scheme. While most liberals and Democratic voters stand apart from these radicals, a mere 11% of the population is manipulated to create nationwide chaos. The mainstream media, complicit in their agenda, fabricates a false illusion of overwhelming support.

Prepare to have your mind blown as we expose the smoke screens of deception created by the CIA and mainstream media. They propagate a false narrative, distorting election results and inflating the numbers of their supporters. This is the insidious operation of 4th and 5th generation warfare—using information and propaganda to manipulate a small percentage of the population.

Behind the scenes, white hat military forces are ready to act. Precision operations have been devised to swiftly end any civil war outbreak, apprehending the instigators responsible for the chaos. The leaders behind these nefarious acts will be exposed, leading all the way to the highest levels of the U.S. government and the dark generals pulling the strings of military intelligence.

The impending near-death civilization event is approaching rapidly, sending shockwaves through society. Brace yourself for the truth that will reshape our world.

Durham, a key figure in this battle, will publicly expose the FBI and its connections to the ongoing military coup before the 2024 elections. But make no mistake—these elections may never come to pass. Military operations are poised to quell the massive civil unrest and collapse that will precede them, leading to an unfolding U.S. civil war.

The signs have been there all along. Q has foretold these events, preparing us for the scare event that was deemed necessary. The military holds the key to our salvation—it is the only way to restore order and bring about true justice.

Stay alert, for the storm is upon us. The time for truth and liberation is at hand. Brace yourself as we unveil the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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2023-05-18 20:32:45 Deep State Unmasked - Unprecedented Military Coup Exposed!

Prepare to have your world turned upside down as the shocking truth is unveiled before your eyes. The sinister machinations of the elite powers have been exposed in a mind-boggling military coup that defies belief.

Discover how ex-presidents Clinton and Obama, in cahoots with the CIA, masterminded a audacious plan to overthrow a sitting president, manipulating military intelligence to achieve their sinister objectives. This astonishing revelation will send shockwaves through the corridors of power.

Hold onto your seats as we delve into the darkest secrets of the deep state. Adam Schiff, backed by the corrupt FBI, DOJ, and DOD, played a pivotal role in this nefarious scheme, fostering division and chaos that tore at the very fabric of our nation. Uncover the chilling connections to a sprawling pedophilia ring, intertwined with the notorious Epstein scandal—where money laundering, human trafficking, and blackmail ran rampant.

But the deception runs deeper still. Gain a glimpse into the sinister agenda behind this coup—deadly vaccines, societal collapse, digital surveillance, and widespread censorship. These revelations will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.

Prepare to have your reality shattered once more as we expose the hidden agenda of the global elites. Unravel the shocking plan orchestrated by the Rockefellers, involving a staged alien invasion to manipulate and control the masses. This audacious scheme, foretold by NASA's own Wernher von Braun, will shake the very foundations of our understanding.

Be warned: the first alien invasion will be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Look beyond the illusion and discover the true depths of their deception. Brace yourself for the imminent disclosure—a revelation that will rewrite history and challenge everything we hold dear.

Stay vigilant, fellow patriots, as the world hurtles towards an unprecedented awakening. The battle between light and darkness rages on, but remember, truth and justice will prevail. Get ready to witness the greatest unraveling of our time!

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