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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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2023-06-21 20:39:54
WOW: NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who dodged questions about his relationship with DocGo, recently spoke at DocGo's Investor Day...

"So I wanted to come through... to try to get as much money out of your pocket into my city to spend."
54.5K views17:39
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2023-06-21 19:37:41
John Griffin... Rick Saleeby... Is there a pedophile problem at CNN?
48.8K views16:37
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2023-06-20 00:00:05
SHADOWBANNING CONFIRMED: Elon Musk's Twitter team reveals that the platform did engage in "Shadowbanning" users.

In 2018

Sen. Ted Cruz: "Is that a practice that occurs at Twitter?"

Carlos Monje: "No sir, we do not shadowban."
85.6K views21:00
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2023-06-19 22:01:53
LISTEN: 77 WABC's Curtis Sliwa Reacts to Veritas Reporters Questioning NYC Mayor Eric Adams & DocGo CEO Anthony Capone over #MillionsForMigrants

"This kid's gonna get a Pulitzer Prize one day!"
44.3K views19:01
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2023-06-19 19:32:00

Rockland County Hotel Closure Reveals NYC Mayor Adams’ Multi-Million Dollar Scheme To Turn Upstate Hotel into “Migrant Facility.”

“If Rockland was getting a piece of the pie, they wouldn’t have sent health inspectors to that hotel.”

43.4K views16:32
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2023-06-17 20:55:42
Rockland County Executive Ed Day Accuses Rockland County Court Attorney Martin Uli of Lying on Hidden Camera.
44.2K views17:55
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2023-06-16 19:49:35
FLASHBACK FRIDAY: This ain't DocGo's first rodeo!

We also exposed their involvement in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to NYC children in 2022. Improperly mixed vaccines at that...
49.8K views16:49
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2023-06-16 01:22:43
WATCH: Our journalists question NYC Mayor Eric Adams and DocGo CEO Anthony Capone on NYC Taxpayers' #MillionsForMigrants
51.5K views22:22
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2023-06-06 19:27:06
The House Oversight Committee is set to vote on Thursday whether to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt for withholding information.

This is far from Wray’s first controversy…Remember when we revealed internal FBI documents that exposed them for labeling Americans as “Violent Domestic Extremists” if they display a Betsy Ross Flag?

We have the receipts.
13.0K views16:27
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2023-06-03 22:29:38
BREAKING: The ACLU, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression have submitted letters to Judge Analisa Torres supporting First Amendment rights for all journalists in response to the unconstitutional FBI raids on Project Veritas in 2021

“Opening the door for criminalization of journalists' receipt or possession of expressive materials would result in censorious prosecutions under existing law and inspire legislators to conjure up disastrous new ways to thwart journalists seeking to expose malfeasance. Amici urge this Court to affirm that the First Amendment protects a reporter's right to receive and possess documents on matters of public concern that were unlawfully obtained or disclosed by a third party. Any other result would undermine not only the Supreme Court's holding in Bartnicki, but also decades of precedent protecting newsgathering and other necessary antecedents to constitutionally protected speech.”
36.5K views19:29
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