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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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2021-01-29 19:52:16 Yahoo News' Jon Ward falsely stated that Minnesota law allowed for unlimited ballot harvesting for a two week period during the summer of 2020. Ward's statement came after Project Veritas exposed illegal ballot harvesting practices taking place in the state. He had to correct his original statement upon being notified, and updated the article to reflect that Minnesota law allows the handling of up to three ballots per person, not unlimited ballot harvesting as he initially suggested.
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2021-01-29 19:08:15

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2021-01-29 06:27:50
ABC News has just announced that President James Goldston is leaving the network in March.

Never forget the #EpsteinCoverup he was responsible for!
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2021-01-29 04:27:11 Project Veritas v. New York Times will continue!


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2021-01-29 00:07:41 Join the #VeritasArmy dedicated distribution list and help us defeat big tech censorship:
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2021-01-28 21:17:59 Project Veritas Alumna Laura Loomer @loomeredofficial has a new book coming out called “LOOMERED: How I Became The Most Banned Woman In The World”

James O’Keefe wrote the Foreward to her new book and highly recommends you read it to learn about cancel culture and the threat Big Tech poses to free speech. The book also details her time working for Project Veritas.

You can PRE ORDER her book on Amazon here:


Barnes & Noble:
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2021-01-28 20:26:07
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