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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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2023-04-04 21:14:50
MUST SEE: President Donald Trump’s historic arrival this afternoon at the Manhattan DA
41.6K viewsedited  18:14
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2023-04-03 23:58:31
BREAKING: Groomer Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin DELETED his Twitter Account Following The Aftermath of Our Undercover Investigation
27.3K views20:58
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2023-04-03 23:33:17
CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP: The Media Won't Stop Covering The Impact That Has Resulted From Veritas' Undercover Investigation Into Groomer Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin
28.1K views20:33
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2023-04-03 21:46:55
NOW IN PRINT: The Sacramento Bee Continues Its Coverage of Groomer Pastor Casey Martinez-Tinnin

"Tinnin-Martinez is shown saying he has called Placer County's Child Protective Services in instances where parents refuse to use a transgender child's preferred name or pronouns."
27.5K views18:46
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2023-04-03 19:52:02
Unparalleled experts are working around the clock to hear from you.

Contact us 24/7

[email protected]
27.8K views16:52
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2023-04-03 19:24:41
ICYMI: Queer Pastor Casey Martinez-Tinnin DOUBLED DOWN in his response video to his statements recorded on undercover camera
28.0K views16:24
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2023-04-02 22:24:16
Pastor Steven Becker of Neighboring Regency Baptist Church Reacts to Veritas Undercover Investigation into Groomer Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin

"It blasphemed in the name of Christ. It's their gospel, not the gospel of the word of God."

“We need to teach [children] truth when they are confused. The Bible says ‘train up a child in the way they should go.’”
7.7K views19:24
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2023-04-01 05:18:04
“The face of Loomis Basin United Church of Christ on DEFENSE!”

25.8K views02:18
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2023-04-01 01:02:09
We believe in informed consent. Even if you don't.
29.4K views22:02
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2023-03-31 23:25:48
LGBTQ+ Pastor Casey Tinnin thinks our video exposing him "could not be further from the truth."

We'll let you decide...
5.6K views20:25
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