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Logo of telegram channel project_veritas — Project Veritas
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2023-04-07 19:06:35
MUST WATCH: Parent gives Jericho School Board District a piece of her mind after minimal details are shared about ongoing investigation into LGBTeach Founder Elisa Waters

"As parents, we feel constrained. I feel UNCOMFORTABLE sending my children to class."
30.6K views16:06
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2023-04-07 03:01:56 UPDATE: A Private Investigation Has Been Opened Up By Jericho School District Administrators into LGBTeach Founder Elisa Waters After She Was Caught Boasting About Using 'Tenured' Status to Promote Sexual Child Grooming
33.3K views00:01
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2023-04-07 00:05:43
WHOOPS: Nashville Anti-Gun Protestor ADMITS “Mental Health” Is Primarily The Reason Behind Recent Christian School Shooting
4.5K views21:05
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2023-04-06 22:03:04
WATCH: Albuquerque Resident Marcy May EVISCERATES School Board Enacting CDC Guidelines on Transgender Ideology in City's Schools Exposed by Veritas Insider
11.8K views19:03
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2023-04-06 22:01:47
BREAKING: Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones currently facing expulsion leads protestors in a chant inside the Tennessee State Capitol “No matter what happens today. We the people. We will not back down. We will not, bow down. Today, the revolution in this state, will not stop with this vote!”
11.6K views19:01
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2023-04-06 19:33:03 BREAKING: Western Placer Unified School District Announces Investigation into Groomer Pastor Casey Tinnin's Organization The Landing Spot Following Veritas Investigation

“This is to determine if there was any wrong-doing. Obviously that's a huge concern,”
18.0K views16:33
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2023-04-06 00:39:12
We asked an NYPD Officer what he thought about the Trump protests happening in NYC. His response:

"The divide you see here is a symbol for where the country is at, people on both side with the police in the middle."
31.2K views21:39
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2023-04-05 23:51:22
Veritas Journalist James Lalino spotted Lauren Windsor yesterday in the crowd outside Trump's arraignment.

We just wanted to talk Lauren!
30.6K views20:51
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2023-04-05 21:01:27
Do you work inside the office of the Manhattan District Attorney? What's really going on behind closed doors?

Send a secure email now to [email protected]

Call 914-653-3110
30.2K views18:01
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2023-04-05 18:32:12

DHS Whistleblower Leaks Fraud Detection and National Security Data Set Showing 168 ‘Known & Suspected’ Terrorists Exploiting Immigration Loopholes to Enter United States Without ‘Background Checks’ in SIX Months

33.1K views15:32
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