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This is extremely hard for us to tell you, but we have no choi | Project Veritas

This is extremely hard for us to tell you, but we have no choice.
Right now, there are thousands of child predators sexually preying on children in cities and towns across the United States.
A couple months ago a credible source came to Project Veritas with a shocking amount of information and horrifying evidence of child exploitation taking place on the Dark Web.
Anonymous predators are exchanging child pornography, detailing sexual acts they have performed on minors, and planning to meet with vulnerable youths to engage in criminal acts.
To say this information is gut-wrenching, is an understatement. It will truly make you sick.
Before coming to Veritas, our source took this information to the FBI, and multiple other law enforcement agencies.
Here’s the bad news: They did nothing.
But there is some good news.
Project Veritas is doing something!
We are in the middle of an extremely dangerous investigation into the worst of human existence.
These predators and pedophiles thought they could remain anonymous – they didn’t expect Project Veritas to get involved.
They were wrong.
We have already identified hundreds of predators utilizing the Dark Web to victimize children and we are in the process of exposing them on undercover cameras.
This is where you can come in and help us continue this important work.
We NEED you to help us expand our investigations and expose more child predators. We NEED you to make a tax-deductible donation right now.
Your donation of $50, $100, $250, or more will get us that much closer to identifying and exposing another pedophile.
Innocent children are depending on us, and they are depending on you too.