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Everything privacy, security, and opsec related.
VICE review: “ well known neo-Nazi channel that provides tradecraft to evade authorities online”

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2022-02-25 03:01:59
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2022-02-24 06:30:41
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2022-02-22 18:45:05
250 MB of emails and attachments from the Protonmail account of Adopt A Trucker campaign founder, Chris Garrah. The emails run from February 7th through the morning of February 21st.

Limited Distribution
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2022-02-18 04:30:36 What I love about the freedom convoy protest is that the regime was forced to go mask-off to deal with legitimately peaceful protesters. This is because you were never allowed to go against the System's interests, regardless of however much (non) violence your cause uses. These people actually believe that noble, hymn-singing negroes, homosexuals, and Indians won their freedom solely because they peacefully sought after their goals. And so I am sure it has been a rude wake-up for people to find that the Canadian Federal government has formally announced that...

It is illegal for White people to protest in Canada.

That's all you need to know, really. Their law formally states that if you're a "protected" type of "person" in their eyes, this order need not be applicable to you.

If you're a registered Indian under the Indian Act, you can block off streets and railways and threaten to kill "colonizers" as part of your protest.

If you're a recognized "refugee" or gay or a "visible minority," you can join up with BLM and tear down statues of former prime ministers and chant death threats against yt (whitey) while receiving millions in crowdfunding.

If you're White and are against your "democractically elected" government's policy, you cannot hold a welcoming, loving sit-in with your children in bouncy castles.

So while convoy supporters lose their jobs over $100 donations, and have their bank accounts shut down for being true political dissidents... people are making bank runs. They're panicking and taking as much fiat as they can from banks who now have complete authority to seize their income, savings, and investments on a whim. And that's led to bank outages across the country. Many ATMs and bank branches are no longer allowing people to cash out.

It is definitely a wild ride up there. Never before has the government been viewed as less legitimate. People should be stocking up on supplies, vices for trade, etc rather than holding cash while their purchasing power is lessened by the day.

This has been a far greater red pill than any infograph or statistic you could ever show someone. I would strongly encourage everyone to get enough food, protection, and means of getting clean water ASAP.

If you foolishly thought it was a wise choice to donate to either crowdfunding campaign or use crypto-currency that is tied to your identity, you are in danger. They will be coming for you. Regardless of which side of the border you reside, or even if you are across the pond, this is officially a domestic terrorist group. I predict that anyone who has financially supported them may be hunted by the RCMP, FBI, INTERPOL, etc in the near future. [Feds were behind these crowdfunding efforts, since not only do they now have accurate lists of dissidents to persecute, but people have messaged me saying they were banned in convoy groups for sharing guides on using Monero.]

There is no denying that this regime is an imminent threat and an enemy of the people. This can't go on much longer. Be ready.

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2022-02-15 01:00:01 You will own nothing and you will be happy
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2022-02-14 11:30:17
Hellstorm, a must-watch documentary on the Allied/Communist slaughtering of the German people during and after WWII (which arguably has never ended).

In memory of the infamous Dresden firebombing and the hundreds of thousands of civilians who perished, some 77 years ago today.
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2022-02-14 09:15:03 Okay, Fedpost time

If Dissidents, who live in areas under direct Five Eyes control (id est Anglo-Saxon nations) and its vassals (the other "9 Eyes" ) understand that Financial Freedom is the basis for the Sucessful Peaceful & Non-violent boycott of their respective Regimes, things may change greatly for them:

So, such movements must focus by any means necessary on...:
— Mass adoption of Privacy Cryptocurrencies, like Monero, for financial transactions and Crow funding campaigns
— Creationship of Non-KYC Internet Banking & Non-KYC exchange platforms (exchanges)
— Creationship of Locally-managed DeFi systems and Atomic Swaps in such areas to help the mass adoption
— Spread and promote as much as possible the adoption of such means in the "Conservative", Nationalist, Dissident regions in general, since shops in Urban areas to farms, seeking to decouple such regions as much as possible from the Central Bank-controlled system
— If possible, locally, at long term, establish alternative banking systems based on Precious metals, like Gold and Silver

Thus, the Final Answer for a Cyberpunk dystopia is, in the end, seek to establish a Cypherpunk Utopia
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2022-02-14 05:35:01
Breaking News - GiveSendGo has been hacked and the domain redirects to and has a leaked CSV file with all donation information for the trucker campaign including emails, names, IP addresses etc.
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2022-02-09 21:10:02
New Domestic Terrorist definitions just dropped
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2022-02-07 07:30:06 "The Ottawa Police Service has announced a new operation where it is partnering with federal intelligence agencies to create 'enhanced intelligence operations and investigations' that will target individuals who are taking part in and supporting the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy.

"The Ottawa police said that it's partnering with the US’s FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to investigate 'online threats.'

"Ottawa police [said] the 'enhanced investigation' will start with focusing on those who were involved in organizing the protest convoy and will use surveillance to 'identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protesters.'

"The police also said they are focusing on gathering 'financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.'

"Ottawa Police have also said they’re working with police agencies across Ontario, the RCMP, and Sûreté du Québec.'"

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