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Privacy & Security Goys

Logo of telegram channel privsecgoy — Privacy & Security Goys
Logo of telegram channel privsecgoy — Privacy & Security Goys
Channel address: @privsecgoy
Categories: Politics
Language: English
Subscribers: 12.18K
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"One well-known neo-Nazi channel that provides tradecraft to evade authorities online" –VICE News
"A great and important channel... performing probably one of the best forms of online activism" –Robert J. Corner

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2023-07-04 21:00:29 NEW - Google now says it will scrape everything you post online to build its AI tools.

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2023-06-30 19:10:07
France has been undergoing the most violent riots in nearly 2 decades.

In response, the French government is demanding social media companies take down videos that show the race of these rioters.
6.2K views16:10
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2023-06-30 19:00:04
France is under siege as gangs of Africans loot, burn, and attack any White person they can get their hands on.
6.2K views16:00
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2023-06-30 17:45:05 There is some conflicting information about this post. Court documents in Italy are private; in order to access them, you must be one of the involved parties. @iptvspamreseller does use the Group Help bot at the time of this writing.

The lesson stands: bots can (and do) collect information on groups they are in. They serve as a potential backdoor. Private chats that discuss sensitive information should vet as best they can and use bots at their own peril.
4.6K views14:45
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2023-06-27 01:20:02
This is what happens when you don't use Monero
7.5K views22:20
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2023-06-26 22:15:06
@GroupHelpBot gave user data to the Italian police solely because they were sharing copyrighted media. Payment info, group members, group admins, and messages were provided.
31.7K views19:15
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2023-06-14 21:00:02 YouTube legal team asked Invidious developers to take down the service within 7 days

7.9K views18:00
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2023-06-13 13:30:21 Amazon Dependency, Smart Houses, and Thought Crime

What Happened:
—Amazon driver reports "racist" statement made to him.
—Amazon shuts off all "smart devices" in the house.
—Smart Device user has to provide video footage of the driver's delivery to prove his "innocence" that nothing racist was said.
—A week later, Amazon turns on Smart Device users appliances, lights, etc. because account user found to be "innocent".

1) Why do people willingly turn over their sovereignty to corporations?

2) We live in a society where someone's unpopular statements are grounds for turning off their bought and paid for possessions.

3) For those of you with Smart Devices, now you know that, if Amazon doesn't like you, you don't get to turn on your lights. But why didn't you already think of that before filling your house with mechanisms that someone else controls?

4) White people are at the mercy of any nonwhite who wants to claim racism. We see this again and again. This is a reason it's safest for white people to steer completely clear of any interaction whatsoever with nonwhites.
11.5K views10:30
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2023-06-10 20:45:05 Unabomber Ted Kaczynski found dead in prison cell
5.3K views17:45
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2023-06-04 17:15:14
Atomic wallet may use an inferior random number generator to create a user's secret keys. It's best to use a hardware wallet and never enter your sneed phrase on any device connected to the internet.…
8.1K views14:15
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