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Logo of telegram channel pravdagerashchenko_en — Pravda_Gerashchenko_en
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Anton Gerashchenko is an official advisor and a former deputy minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, ex-member of the Ukrainian parliament.

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2023-07-05 22:59:01
After the Russian attack on a residential building in Sumy, on the third day of rescue operations, rescue services managed to save a 15 year old cat who was trapped in one of the apartments.

The cat was terrified by that ordeal. He was reunited with his humans and went to the vet for a checkup.

3 people died and 19 were injured by that Russian attack.

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2023-07-05 22:24:44
I recommend watching this!

Russian media show a video filmed earlier in Prigozhin's home during searches there: weapons, boxes of money (they mention an amount of 600 million rubles - that's $6,600 million), sledgehammers, a helicopter.

An important detail: a wardrobe with wigs.

Propagandists are obviously jealous.

The money and weapons were already returned to Prigozhin, by the way.
2.2K views19:24
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2023-07-05 21:11:53
Wagner PMC was designated a terrorist organization by @oscepa.

OSCE participating States are urged to "make full use of all domestic and international
instruments, including those established to counter terrorism, to thwart the malign
presence of the Wagner Group (and its affiliates and successors) wherever it operates and ensure the accountability of all those responsible for the crimes they have committed".
2.1K views18:11
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2023-07-05 20:05:16
If you'd like to learn more about the ways and scale of Russia laundering money as a state, I highly recommend giving this book by @Billbrowder a read.

Bill Browder is the man behind Magnitsky Act. He works hard to uncover Russian crimes and stop illegal enrichment schemes of Russian authorities.
2.1K views17:05
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2023-07-05 19:19:38
Putin has acknowledged that Wagner PMC (recognized as a terrorist organization by several international bodies) has been fully financed by Russian state.

And yet, @FATFNews doesn't see fit to put Russian Federation on their lists as terrorists, murderers and money launderers. All they did was suspend Russian membership in the organization. Their statement can be read here:

One of the most effective ways to help Ukraine win the war is to make it difficult/impossible for Russia to finance it. Lists like FATF complies are very effective in that.

Please help share this message and tag anyone to whom it may concern.
2.1K views16:19
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2023-07-05 18:32:07
Putin's "generosity" knows no limits: Prigozhin received back all the weapons confiscated during searches.

Terrorist Prigozhin personally arrived in St Petersburg on July 4 and was given back all weapons confiscated after the search, according to Russian media.

The meeting allegedly took place in the building of the FSB's Directorate for St Petersburg and Leningrad Region on Liteyny Prospect. The head of mercenaries who arranged the military rebellion was given two Saiga semi-automatic rifles, a rifled Austrian Steyr Mannlicher carbine, an AR-15–style rifle and several other rifles and pistols.

Moreover, Prigozhin was allegedly given back his Glock pistol, which was awarded to him by Shoigu.
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2023-07-05 17:16:13
Whatever Medvedev discusses, he always comes back to using nuclear weapons.

In the video he offers two ways to finish the "special military operation" in Ukraine: stop providing weapons to Ukraine or stike Ukrainian cities with nuclear weapons.
2.3K views14:16
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2023-07-05 16:51:21
Public executions for espionage! - Russian propagandist Solovyev calls for excitedly.
2.3K views13:51
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2023-07-05 15:19:01
Women Leadership Forum took place yesterday in Kyiv. It was organized by @KspaUa.

The Forum had so many empowering speakers:
Oksana Zholnovych, Social Policy Minister, Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defense Minister, Tamila Tasheva, permanent representative of the President in Crimea, Security Service of Ukraine general Liudmyla Shuhalei, Agiya Zagrebelska, head of minimization of corruption risks in sanctions politics, and many others, and many other inspiring women.

Janet Ann @t_tenglish Napolitano, former Arizona governor, member of the US President's Intelligence Advisory board, joined in with a message of support for Ukraine and told her life story - she knows everything about women empowerment firsthand.

An excerpt of her speech is on the video.

During the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian women have been the pillar of strength for the country. They do incredible things and nothing seems impossible to them. After the war, I'm sure that women's leadership will be the crucial element to rebuild Ukraine. Glory!
2.4K views12:19
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2023-07-05 14:56:34
Russian propagandists discuss the need to cover more of Russia with air defense.

From "Kyiv in three days" to "not enough air defense for Russian cities"
2.3K views11:56
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