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2022-05-24 16:26:43
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Sure won't last. Go grab some. Prices are awesome.

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2022-05-24 16:00:38 The phrases "keep your chin up" and "tippy top shape" are synonymous.

How so?

THINK. Research.
68.5K views13:00
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2022-05-24 15:58:23 In my last Live, I warned you all that the actual "truthers" will reveal themselves very soon.

What channels have mentioned my name recently, in a positive light?

What channels have recently doubled-down on the insults, defamation, and lies about me?

More to come. Now you know.
68.1K views12:58
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2022-05-24 04:34:12
"More than 10 million Americans received their cards in the previous couple of days.

If you noticed, the price of these Trump Cards started to rise. The experts claim that in few months a skyrocket will happen up to 10.000$.

People all over America have been talking about the Trump Card in the past few days, especially after President Trump predicted that the prices will increase at least 20% - AND THAT HAPPENS

In nearby future the American history is going to be redefined and our destiny determined.

The popularity is rising even more and you should hurry to order your cards before they disappear soon.

They will be impossible to find later so this is a perfect chance for all of you to be the lucky ones!

Share this post, help everyone if you are a true patriot !!

Every Real Patriot should own at least 10 of them! "
33.0K views01:34
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2022-05-24 04:18:44 I have no comment on the exchange between Lin Wood and Stew Peters.

I support Lin Wood, always have.

I trust and support Stew Peters, always have.

37.1K views01:18
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2022-05-24 04:13:44 We live in extraordinary times.

Jesus Christ is our LORD and SAVIOR. He is REAL.

The devil is a wannabe god. He is FAKE.

We live every day in a spiritual battle. We do not battle flesh and blood.

As I said in December of 2020 at Wills Park, this is THE battle between good and evil.

So here we find ourselves.

What is REAL and what is FAKE? Who is REAL and who is FAKE.? Who is telling you the TRUTH and who is telling you LIES.

Who is a REAL man? Who is a FAKE man? Who is a REAL woman? Who is a FAKE woman?

The world is upside down!!!

Left is right and right is left. Up is down and down is up. North is south and south is north.

How do we make sense of this clown ( ) show?

Trust the LORD. He is in control. He created everything. He knew the end when He created the beginning.

Read the HOLY BIBLE.
Every word in the Bible is true. The Bible is God’s word. God does not lie. Jesus Christ is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life.

Talk to Jesus often. He is your best Friend. Develop a close, personal relationship with Him.

Pray for our nation.
Pray for President Trump.
Pray for our brave members of our military.

Pray for ALL.

God bless each of you.

Press on.

33.8K views01:13
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2022-05-24 03:53:20 Pennsylvania’s “count” could be a long time in coming. It is all screwed up. Mail-In Ballots are a disaster for America. Allows large scale, systematic cheating. Go to PAPER BALLOTS, SAME DAY VOTING (write that WSJ). Our Elections are strictly THIRD WORLD!
34.8K views00:53
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2022-05-24 03:51:47 Next Live: Tomorrow 8PM Eastern
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2022-05-24 02:56:18


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47.9K views23:56
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2022-05-24 01:49:49 Personally I don't see the Mule revelations as a main event but rather a side bonus. It's the same way I viewed the audits.
The military already has it all and Trump will initiate the storm at the perfect time. But I support all other attempts at saving the country until that day comes.
The point is: I'm not worried. I already know the end of this story. I don't get discouraged by the details. I enjoy the journey.
America will be saved and reborn. Justice will habben. My comfy af level is firm.
48.5K views22:49
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