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Father ❤️, Influencer, Content Creator, Patriot - Phil's channel is for sharing of truth, speculation, information, disinformation, hypothetical scenarios, and other conjecture that may or may not be accurate in either the past, present, or future.

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2022-05-18 04:03:21

Many users messaged me that the link is not working for them.

It's because of the very high traffic the site is receiving. The interest for the DIAMOND CARDS is very high.

I managed to get another link that is available exclusively for my channel only & the company even issued me a discount code for the inconvenience.

Use the code "PHIL" for a 10% of your order.


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2022-05-18 00:35:35
"Nothing in this world is more important than your life and you may be in line to lose it.

This whole system is made up to destroy our “long life”. Marketing about the worst things that cause us anxiety, fast food everywhere for affordable prices, when the gyms are too expensive... the media only causes us stress ... everything is made up to destroy us.

I am encouraging you to start TODAY! You don’t know what will tomorrow bring. A few years ago it was Covid-19 and tomorrow may be worse! Do you remember who suffered the most? The people with obesity!

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2022-05-17 21:06:11
Down to 1999 Mules now..
80.2K views18:06
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2022-05-17 21:02:42
54.3K views18:02
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2022-05-17 20:44:58 I have made this announcements channel OPEN for joining for the next 24 hours.

After that, it will close again.

share this link:
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2022-05-17 20:39:11 Interesting post from Jamie on Phil’s chat: I just came back from the bank. There’s a guy there that I’ve spoken to for many years we’re pretty much friends and we’ve discussed the RV in private number of times. I pulled up to the window teller,he was there and the first thing I said was “it’s almost go time!” He shook his head in agreement and whispered into the mic yes in June and then he pointed to his ear like people are listening. All of a sudden two women popped their heads out and we’re trying to listen to what I was saying so they may have been managers but he hast to be quiet. However, he June
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2022-05-17 20:37:56 Many of our PSI members are LOSING COMMISSION due to inactivity on their accounts.

In order to be an active member of 7k metals, you must have your Autosaver coin turned on at least once per month.

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Don't lose out on commission! Your points wil be "flushed" and the commission you could have earned will forever be gone.
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2022-05-17 20:37:51

For all PSI/7k Enrollees!
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2022-05-17 19:30:59


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2022-05-17 18:22:19 Hearing this from several sources:

"Several clerks working inside the Supreme Court have confirmed that the Justices will be hearing the case to reinstate President Trump to his rightful place in the White House."
76.0K views15:22
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2022-05-17 18:18:03
"💥Q+ Emergency Intel💥
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2022-05-17 14:21:04 Also, the Telegram chat channel is now OPEN for joining. 24 hours only.
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2022-05-17 14:19:12 Okay, folks

I have finally set up a channel that will make it much easier for me to unban you from my Telegram chat channel, as well as my DLive channel

If you are currently banned from either, please join here:

If you are NOT banned from either channel, please do not join!!!!!!!

After being unbanned, please leave the channel, so that I can continue with the listed members.
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2022-05-17 04:22:37
Live NOW! 🔥
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2022-05-17 04:08:53 Be there shortly
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2022-05-17 02:52:58 LIVE tonight

Planning for 9PM, but it may squeek to 9:30

Be there for 9PM just in case
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2022-05-17 02:52:24 He exists.
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2022-05-17 02:51:32
Ghost no more
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2022-05-17 02:50:47 I’ve been watching Phil since Fakebook days. Move on down the road trolls. Phamily sticks with Phamily!
40.8K views23:50
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2022-05-17 02:50:35 Phil we don't care what they say or the their tactics to try to discredit you. This has been a long war that has been fought and we are battle weary. Please tell us that we are so close to victory.
40.3K views23:50
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2022-05-17 02:50:08 Bravo, Kia. Bravo 👏
39.6K views23:50
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2022-05-17 02:49:39 Boom ☝️
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2022-05-17 02:49:33 Anyone else think it’s ironic that the people slinging mud at Phil , are perfectly fine with the Child Sex Trafficking Cartel ? They are silent about John Podestas emails proving John is a pedophile , they ignore the pictures of Chuck Shumer kissing children .
Yet they are SO DEEPLY concerned about some random Phil guy on the internet …
These operatives attacking Phil DO NOT care about the girl (who was NOT A VICTIM IN ANY WAY) they ONLY care about tricking YOU into thinking Phil is a fraud.
If they CARED AT ALL about exposing criminals , they would be exposing the Clinton crime syndicate and all the IN OUR FACES child sex trafficking by our OWN government …
39.7K views23:49
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2022-05-17 02:47:26 They are trying to take him down by using his past. It hasn’t worked before and won’t work now.
39.2K views23:47
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2022-05-17 02:46:45 Disinformation & misinformation, such as the bullshit above that's been circulating, is what the Left/Cabal does when someone is DIRECTLY over the target 🎯

I don't let it bother me in the slightest, and neither should you.

We are in a war. A very different war. The war is a hybrid of cyber, politcal, and dis/misinformation.

The enemy will use tactics (like the above) to discredit someone that's really getting close to what -they- do NOT want you to know.

If you want to win this war, stick with me.

If you want to let them deter you, well, I'll still be here when you come to your senses 😎
39.5K views23:46
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