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Logo of telegram channel jamesokeefeiii — James O'Keefe
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Guerrilla Journalist, @Project_Veritas. On the Inside? Contact [email protected] or send us an encrypted Signal message at 914-653-3110

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2023-05-05 02:00:13 For MORE behind the scenes video and extended footage, we’ll be launching our paywall Saturday at

You can subscribe at and if you’ve already subscribed you’ll get a login emailed to you over the weekend!
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2023-05-05 01:59:22
BIZARRE: Arrested FBI Agent Previously Sought to Ensnare O’Keefe in Plot to Record Bureau

Jered Wise, former Special Agent in NY stated in Signal messages that our work recording teachers union officials was “reckless”

“I want to record current FBI Personnel”
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2023-05-04 00:51:10 My Megyn Kelly interview

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2023-05-03 19:29:30 DOJ Prison Official Says Garland “Rolling Over” on Trans Men Impregnating Women in Prison. “We Pay for all that.” #MillionDollarBaby

The result of trans men impregnating women is usually a lawsuit where, according to DOJ Prison Official Linda, “it doesn’t go to court” meaning the federal government settles large amounts of money. The ploy has been referred to as the #MillionDollarBaby scheme.

Despite women being impregnated as the result of rape, trans men also “play the victim card” and sue the government resulting in settlements. Brook Sonia *Check spelling* was transferred to the Washington Corrections Center for Women from a men’s facility in New Hampshire after filing a federal lawsuit claiming that housing him in a men’s prison subjected him to abuse.
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2023-05-03 19:25:57

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2023-04-24 21:07:02
“You see people you know revealed as cowards, saying things you know they don’t believe because they want to keep their jobs, and you’re so disappointing in people. You realize the herd instinct is maybe the strongest, to be like everybody else and to not be cast out of the group — and to not to be shunned. That’s a VERY strong impulse in all of us from birth and it takes over unfortunately in moments like this and it’s harnessed in fact by bad people in moments like this to produce uniformity. You see people going along with this, and you lose respect for them. I’m not mad at people I’m just sad. How could you go along with this you know it’s not true but you’re saying it anyway? - Tucker Carlson, April 2023

Pictured: July 2020
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2023-04-20 21:30:20 NYT’s Rosenberg said they “f*cked up” in my case, wonder if they’ll settle akin to Fox News…
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2023-04-15 01:54:03 James O'Keefe pinned a video
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2023-04-15 01:44:54
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2023-04-15 01:44:50
JUST NOW AT FOUR SEASONS IN LA.: James O’Keefe Questions @budlight’s Dylan Mulvaney on OMG Jailhouse footage showing women inmates testifying on being housed with male rapists claiming to be transgender.

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