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James O'Keefe

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Logo of telegram channel jamesokeefeiii — James O'Keefe
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Guerrilla Journalist, @Project_Veritas. On the Inside? Contact [email protected] or send us an encrypted Signal message at 914-653-3110

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2023-08-10 20:41:52 SCREENSHOTS
62.2K views17:41
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2023-08-10 20:41:24 OMG investigates BEST BUY’s Racial Requirements prohibiting white People from program…

Memo from retail giant Best Buy revealed on Tuesday highlighting the company’s professional development program w/ McKinsey and company.
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2023-08-10 03:24:24
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2023-07-20 18:09:26
Speaking to Roselle Park, NJ Board Meeting and gave out cameras to parents.
I went to the house of a fired teacher in town who posted pics of having Sex with mannequins and eating babies.
Some are calling for the teacher to be reinstated. The teacher, Austin, claims to be trans and now goes by “Lavender.” I spoke to Lavender’s parents.
37.9K views15:09
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2023-07-19 07:06:32
O’Keefe Academy - College campus edition! Speaking 700 student Chapter Leaders about recording on their college campuses. 70 signed up!
44.0K views04:06
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2023-07-15 22:39:43
O’Keefe Academy Launch Party was a major success with 500 attendees throughout the night!
From Boomers at 7pm to Zoomers at midnight…
64.8K views19:39
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2023-07-15 21:18:47 For those of you who missed the launch of O’Keefe Academy for Citizen Journalism in Palm Beach last night I wanted to invite you to check it out on our website. We’re launching the first citizen journalism accreditation program that consists of five masterclasses combined with an online classroom experience. Learn more here:

If you want to get a taste of the content you’ll get after you enroll in the O’Keefe Academy you can watch two of the masterclass videos in the Members Only section of the website:

If you’re interested in becoming an accredited citizen journalist and work with the OMG team for a limited time we’re offering a 75% discount by using the promo code 75-OMG when you signup:
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2023-07-06 23:01:43
I take you through the complaint the original judge’s decision and the Ninth circuit reasoning.
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2023-07-06 22:54:51

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2023-07-03 22:44:26 Full Ninth circuit ruling. Recoding is now legal in Oregon!
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