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Jack Posobiec

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Logo of telegram channel jack_posobiec — Jack Posobiec
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2023-09-16 20:46:56 Last vote coming up
15.8K views17:46
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2023-09-16 20:44:47 George Soros gives at least $300K to network of TikTok activists to praise Joe Biden and push ultra-left ideas on young voters
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2023-09-16 19:52:43 There is

No need

To be

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2023-09-16 17:22:01
I could watch Mike Lindell ripping on lib lawyers all day long

Absolute Chad

Support this man right now ->
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2023-09-16 17:12:31 BREAKING: Armed man pretending to be federal agent arrested at Los Angeles RFK Jr. event
21.0K views14:12
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2023-09-16 16:39:41 Time to watch Trump Megyn Kelly interview again

So so good
18.2K views13:39
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2023-09-16 16:39:05 Spending this weekend teaching my kids to memorize and re-enact the best portions of the Trump Megyn Kelly interview
18.4K views13:39
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2023-09-16 15:29:25 Here is what 45 just said at CWA: “I will challenge California’s depraved new laws that strip parents of parental rights and that encourage minors to be transported across state lines for sexual mutilation—and we will prosecute those involved in this sick California scheme for violating federal laws against kidnapping, sex trafficking, child abuse, and a deprivation of civil rights.”
32.0K views12:29
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2023-09-16 14:26:58 *Jaws theme*

Presidential GE: October 2020 polling vs Aug/Sept. 2023

Marist: Biden +11 Biden +1

Emerson: Biden +5 Trump +2

Quinnipiac: Biden +11 Biden +1

CNN: Biden +12 Trump +1

Fox News: Biden +8 Trump +2
2020 AVG:
Biden 52%
Trump 43%

2023 AVG:
Trump 47%
Biden 46%
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2023-09-16 13:51:07 GM
19.2K views10:51
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