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Logo of telegram channel intelslava — Intel Slava Z
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Intel slava is a Russian News aggregator who covers Conflicts/Geopolitics and urgent news from around the world.
Funded by Putin, Russian ministry of defence, FSB, GRU and SVR

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2023-09-10 00:17:11
"The Japanese have a term for this called gekokujō, the low overcomes the high. It originated in the 150 year long Warring States Era, when the Shogun lost control of most the country to the Daimyo (the local lords)." - Carolina Lion
61.5K views21:17
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2023-09-09 19:11:07
It's about to get bad…very bad.

- Zero Hedge
74.3K views16:11
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2023-09-09 19:10:12
The US Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) now stand at their lowest since 1983.

However, the SPR now holds just 46 days of supply, by far the lowest on record.

In May 2020, before the SPR depletion began, it held a record 92 days of supply.

The historical average is 65 days of supply.

We are now 50% below the peak and 29% below the average.

- The Kobeissi Letter
75.1K views16:10
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2023-09-07 12:01:18
Crater fields in the Rabotino area.
Satellite view. Taken September 6th.
The enemy does not leave hope to overcome the Rabotino-Verbovoye line.
30.6K views09:01
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2023-09-07 12:00:48
In the Zaporozhye direction, the Russian Armed Forces regularly intercept or shoot down expensive Storm Shadow cruise missiles and AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles
30.4K views09:00
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2023-09-07 07:25:14
Video of the Russian FPV-drone BT-40 hitting the Ukrainian crew of Javelin anti-tank systems hiding in the building.
48.6K views04:25
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2023-09-07 05:55:42
The US has announced a new $175 million military aid package to Ukraine, with ammunition and equipment coming from US Army stockpiles. The package includes:

- Equipment to support the air defense system.
- Additional ammunition MLRS HIMARS.
- 155 mm and 105 mm artillery shells.
- 81 mm mortars and mines.
- 120-mm tank shells with depleted uranium for Abrams tanks.
- Javelin anti-tank systems and AT-4 grenade launchers.
- More than 3 million cartridges for small arms.
- Tactical air navigation systems.
- Tactical systems of secure communication and auxiliary equipment.
- Explosive ammunition for clearing obstacles.
- Spare parts and other field equipment.
58.1K views02:55
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2023-09-06 23:46:17
It has been reported that medical institutions in Latvia are now required to check the residency status of potential patients before appointments can be scheduled to seek medical assistance.

This order disproportionately effects the Russian population within Latvia, many of whom are elderly and still without a renewed permit. If their permit is invalid, or has been canceled, they must either stop seeking appointments with health professionals, or pay a fine of 50 euros (the cost of a week's groceries in places like Riga).

Although the Latvian government has stated that in the events where urgent medical attention is necessary, they will offer assistance regardless, this is another step in a very wrong direction for Russo-Latvian relations and does not even account for those who are mentally and physically terminally ill.

"In the photo - a memo for the registry staff. So far, apparently, a closed instruction." - Aleksey Stefanov
61.8K views20:46
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2023-09-06 21:55:59 In Ukraine, from October 1, women will be registered with the military.

There is already a catastrophic shortage of men, now they plan to rake in women. Work also continues to organize the deportation of male refugees from Europe.The raking of students, people with various types of disabilities, etc. is facilitated. and so on.

300,000 new cannon fodder won't pick themselves up. Volunteers are long gone. There remains the routine of processing the remaining male population of Ukraine into minced meat, which we will observe at least in the next year.
68.5K views18:55
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2023-09-06 21:50:50
Another look at the destroyed British Challenger 2 , as well as 2 BMP-1s , an M113 and a pickup truck.

Interestingly, in the early footage, another wrecked Ukrainian pickup truck standing behind the Briton was absent .

Apparently, after the defeat of his armored group, the enemy tried to get something out of the burnt tank, but again came under fire and was forced to flee, leaving the car.
65.8K views18:50
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