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In general, on Putin's visit to Mariupol. 1. The construction | Intel Slava Z

In general, on Putin's visit to Mariupol.

1. The construction of a four-lane road from Donetsk to Mariupol has been completed.
2. The restoration and reconstruction of Mariupol is going according to plan. By the end of 2023, the city center should be completed.
3. Planned demolition of the destroyed high-rise buildings is underway (according to the plan, everything should be demolished by the end of 2023)
4. The Mariupol Sea Port is being actively restored, the capacities of which are being used to speed up the restoration work.
5. The work of public transport is being activated, 110 buses have already been launched in the city. The tram will probably run in the summer.
6. There is an active construction of new residential microdistricts (on the model of those already built).
7. The restoration of the Mariupol airport is proceeding at a rapid pace. The RF Armed Forces have already begun using it after mine clearance.
8. Local entrepreneurs are given interest-free loans in a simplified form when new jobs are created.
9. From 2023, Mariupol will start shipping various products through the port - coal, grain, rolled metal, etc. made in the DNR.
10. The population of the city continues to increase. Active restoration processes attract people to return to the city.

In general, Mariupol will obviously repeat the fate of Grozny. Being badly damaged during the fighting, it was quickly restored and reconstructed at the expense of federal transfers for restoration. Mariupol is waiting for the same path.

Boris rozhin