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Logo of telegram channel huwhitepride — Huwhite Pride
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Inside the mind of a huwhite goy

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2021-01-07 12:32:50 First degree murder.
333 views09:32
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2021-01-07 12:32:34 Could have fired in the air as a warning. I'm fucking furious.
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2021-01-07 12:32:34 Cold blooded. Someone just wanted to shoot...
332 views09:32
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2021-01-07 12:31:14
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2021-01-07 12:31:14 Did you see this?
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2020-12-05 22:14:51 Anybody having trouble getting to my book on Amazon? I’ve had a couple people tell me the link isn’t working. It works for me so I want to know how common this issue is.
422 views19:14
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2020-12-05 22:14:40 If you purchased my book from Amazon, when it’s shipped or you receive it, I would appreciate if you could dm or email me a no-dox picture of the book or a screenshot of the order having been shipped. I suspect Amazon may be hiding sales numbers from me and I need proof that I have copies that have been shipped.
388 views19:14
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2020-11-15 01:52:42 Recommended follow here. Great channel...
508 views22:52
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2020-10-26 12:28:21
Danke for 1000!

It is quite an honor to be followed by so many, and I pray that the treasures I share bless you all.

I would also like to show my sincere appreciation to those who have been an inspiration to me in their tireless fight for our people. There are many more I could list, and know I eternally value you all. This group of channels belong to those who helped strengthen my understanding early in my awakening and have helped me along. - for a passion for the truth that made me hunger for more - for such beautiful images on a daily basis - for a fighting spirit that great leaders should all have - for a consistent and vital wave of information we all should be aware of - for noticing and helping others to do so - for some of the highest energy levels in our folk - for my brother whose content is amazing

Gott Mit Uns
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2020-10-19 01:41:31
390 views22:41
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