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Pavneet Singh

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Logo of telegram channel currentaffairsbypavneetsingh — Pavneet Singh
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Teacher at Unacademy and Author with Mcgraw Hill, Unique and S. Chand.

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2023-02-10 12:43:20
The IAS Officer who could havee been India’s first R&AW Chief but could not.

4.4K viewsPavneet Singh, 09:43
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2023-02-05 06:53:17 Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that we will be providing you all Political Science Optional where Paper-1 will be taken by M Puri sir and I shall take the Paper -2.
This optional will NOT be on Unacademy (neither their online nor offline platforms) or Prepladder.
We will be providing this optional for you all on a separate online only platform under the name of Puri and Singh Institute For Administrative Studies (P&S IAS). There will be no offline class for the optional as it is designed exclusively online. The course shall be 750 hours long (spanning both papers) with only one batch per year.
The first and only batch for 2023-24 will be launched by July- August 2023 and will be designed for aspirants of 2024.
Regrettably, we have NO offering for 2023 aspirants.
There shall only be one batch per year.
We shall share the name of the online platform where the course will be available, class schedule and fees and every other modalities involved with you all soon.

Thanks and Regards

Puri & Singh Institute For Administrative Studies
4.5K viewsPavneet Singh, 03:53
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2023-01-31 15:40:01

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2023-01-30 11:07:55
Keep watching this space for the news for the optional for 2024 aspirants

( Note- The optional is Not On Unacademy Online or Offline platforms)
9.5K viewsPavneet Singh, edited  08:07
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2023-01-26 17:41:58 Dear friends, PFA the workbooks for
1. Wisdom Current Affairs-December and January
2. PreFacts Current Affairs For Prelims 2023 With Backward Linkages.
3. Ethics Through Gandhian Thoughts

Classes begin 4.40 am from 1st Feb. Thanks.
14.1K viewsPavneet Singh, 14:41
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2023-01-26 08:26:41 Dear friends

We will have the resume the free classes on Art and Culture for Prelims from 1st Feb.

Please find the links for enrollment for free classes.


Class -6:





The workbook will be shared by Monday.

Class timing is 4.50 pm to 5.30 pm.

Thank you
13.4K viewsPavneet Singh, 05:26
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2023-01-25 07:14:38

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2023-01-25 07:14:21

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2023-01-25 07:14:05


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2023-01-25 07:13:01

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