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Catholic rejuvenation.
Make Heathens Afraid Again
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2022-01-25 15:17:29
We will pray the Holy Rosary together on Thursday, meditating on the luminous mysteries. The prayers will be in Latin, so that even those of different nationalities / languages ​​can participate. [The voice chat will be open on the @aestethicsposting channel at 21 [Italian / UTC +1], 20 [English / UTC -1], 17 [South American / UTC -4], 15 [American / UTC -6]

Rezaremos juntos el Santo Rosario el jueves, meditando los misterios luminosos. Las oraciones serán en latín, para que puedan participar incluso los de diferentes nacionalidades/idiomas. [El chat de voz estará abierto en el canal
@aestethicsposting a las 21 [italiano / UTC +1], 20 [inglés / UTC -1], 17 [Sudamericano / UTC -4], 15 [americano / UTC -6]
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2022-01-25 12:41:05 for more info
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2022-01-25 12:40:58

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2022-01-24 20:59:42
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2022-01-24 14:00:37
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2022-01-23 16:01:59
Chapel of the Blessed Nuns, Sacro Monte di Varese.

This chapel was built to collect the relics that were scattered in the Monastery and in the Sanctuary of Sacro Monte near Varese, in northern Italy. It seems that it had already been built in 1672. In 1729, when the cult was granted to the Blessed Caterina and Giuliana their bodies were placed here. The frescoes are all by the painter Antonio Busca and on the vault the 8 virtues of the nuns are represented: faith, hope, charity, chastity, poverty, obedience, penance and religion.
373 viewsMario, 13:01
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2022-01-21 13:58:12 With this out of the way, I will share some methods for praying for these souls, for this is an overlooked work of charity. The most common method is to pray Three Ave Marias, where I suggest you pray for this at the end of the Rosary. Generally, I suggest that you pray it in this particular manner:
-All the clerics you know
-All the clerics within your diocese
-Your bishop
-The metropolitan bishop
-The clerics who are scandalous and in need of God's graces
I also suggest that you name the clerics by voice in close proximity to you, obviously for your bishop, and the cleric who needs God's mercy. If you have a long list of clerics you are offering up the Three Aves for, I suggest you offer them up silently with your heart.

Now, for those who are not only more diligent and desire to offer up a holocaust of charity for these souls, then I suggest a few things for you.

-First, offer the Rosary you say up for their intention at the beginning in addition to the Three Aves. This a non-negotiable and the fact more people don't do this nor St. Louis de Monfort's method doesn't include this shocks me greatly.

-Do 54-day Rosary Novenas for them if you are extremely worried about their soul.

-If 3 Aves are not enough, pray 7x Aves in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows.

If you can, introduce the priests to the Holy Face Devotion and Sacred Heart Devotion. These two devotions grant particular graces to priests where it makes it easier for them to save souls and excel more at their duties.

Beseech your parish and diocese's Guardian Angels!!!!!

For those who desire to know which saints to invoke for priests, a few good ones would be:
-St. Hermann-Joseph
-St. John Vianney
-St. John Bosco
-St. Alphonsus Ligouri
-St. John the Beloved
-SS. Michael and Gabriel and Raphael
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2022-01-20 20:49:25 Holy Architecture in the Church.

qualifications to speak authoritatively on how a church ought to look are fullfiled by St. Charles Borromeo. He was an expert in architecture and in liturgy, in priestly formation, in art and music and more, his ability in dogmatic theology was used frequently at the Council of Trent, the document he wrote is called Instructiones Fabricae et Supellectilis Ecclesiasticae / Instructions on the Building and Furnishing of Churches 1577. He wrote it so that it could be applied to cathedrals, monasteries and humble parish churches,

Everything should be used to reflect the perfection of heaven. St. Charles strove to integrate all the visual arts (such as sculpture and stained glass) with the preeminent auditory arts (hearing the text of the Mass, music, the sermon) so that everything was in harmony with and in support of: First is the Mass, and then come singing, then sermons and instructions, then at last come statues and paintings and long etc.. He did not favor any particular aesthetic style. Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque—many styles could be used to achieve this harmony,
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2022-01-20 20:14:34
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2022-01-20 20:00:51 St Catherine of Alexandria is my grandmother's favorite Saint. As a child she would put me to sleep telling me her story, which she read from a book who had all the Saints of every single day of the year. The feast day of St Catherine of Alexandria is November 25th.
242 viewsBouquet Of Jasmines, 17:00
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2022-01-20 20:00:51
Catherine was born of a patrician family of Alexandria and had devoted herself to study. Through her reading she had learned much of Christianity and had been converted by a vision of Our Lady and the Holy Child. When Maxentius began his persecution, Catherine, then a beautiful young girl, went to him and rebuked him boldly for his cruelty. He could not answer her arguments against his pagan gods, and summoned 50 philosophers to confute her. They all confessed themselves won over by her reasoning, and were thereupon burned to death by the enraged Emperor. He tried to seduce Catherine with an offer of a consort's crown, & when she indignantly refused him, he had her beaten and imprisoned. The Emperor went off to inspect his military forces, & when he got back he discovered that his wife Faustina and a high official, one Porphyrius, had been visiting Catherine and had been converted, along with the soldiers of the guard. They too were put to death, and Catherine was sentenced to be killed on a spiked wheel.
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2022-01-18 19:19:19
Today is St. Peter's Chair at Rome, on which day we recall the founding of the Church at Rome and therefore the establishment of the Eternal City, the Capital of all Christendom and the earthly throne of Apostolic authority.

Today also marks the beginning of the Octave for Christian Unity, a kind of Novena devotion for the return of all those errant soldiers of the Kingdom of God to return, to abandon their vagabondage and unite their personal struggle with the general spiritual war constantly waged by the army of Our Lord upon the devil and all his false promises and molestations. It runs from today, St. Peter at Rome, until January 25, the Conversion of St. Paul.

Join us in praying this Octave as we wage the Great Crusade within ourselves, that we might all move as one army united under our Great Leader, who is Christ and that His many brigadiers in the Episcopate and chiefly His Vicar be made worthy of their tasks and reunite themselves to His Grand Strategy.
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2022-01-18 11:04:30
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2022-01-16 17:24:33 https://telegra.ph/How-to-live-free-in-a-hyper-sexual-society-01-16-2
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2022-01-16 12:05:38 CORD OF SAINT PHILOMENA


The pious practice, born spontaneously amongst the Saint's devotees, was approved by the Congregation of Rites on September 15, 1883. Later, on April 4,1884, Leo XIII enriched it with precious indulgences. It consists in carrying, tied around the body, a cord of wool, linen or cotton, colored white and red to indicate the virginity and martyrdom of Saint Philomena. The devotion is very widely practiced, especially outside Italy, to obtain spiritual and corporal graces.

The purposes of this devotion are:

1. To obtain, through the intercession of St. Philomena, the means adequate to conserve purity, in conformity with our own situation;

2. To combat increasing unbelief and to reinforce oneself in the
spirit of our faith;

3. To profess a special love for St. Philomena the wonder worker
and deserve her protection against sickness of the body and soul.

Every priest has the faculty to bless the Cord of St. Philomena according to the formula in the Roman Ritual. Many faithful followers of St. Philomena prefer to have the cord blessed in churches where a special devotion to St. Philomena is observed and have it blessed after it has touched a relic of the saint. When the cord is worn out and replaced the new cord should also be blessed.

Plenary Indulgences of The Cord of Saint Philomena

1. On the day on which the cord is worn for the first time.
2. On the 25th of May, the anniversary of the opening of St. Philomena's tomb in the Catacombs of Saint Priscilla.
3. On August 11, her proper Feast.
4. On December 15, the anniversary of the approbation of the cord by the Holy See.
5. At the moment of death, under the ordinary conditions.

With the exception of the last, it is necessary for gaining the above indulgences to go to confession, receive Holy Communion, make a visit to some church and there pray for the intentions of the Sovereign Pontiff.
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2022-01-13 10:10:08
“I would not have left the English church had I thought it possible for me to remain in God's favour and remain a member of it. It is a church which the Fathers would not have acknowledged. I had no alternative but to leave it.”

- Saint John Henry Newman
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2022-01-13 00:22:31 Heathens Begone pinned «http://public-rosary.com - Public Rosary all over the world. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom – UK Prays Homepage: https://www.ukprays.org/ Telegram: https://t.me/UKPrays 🇺🇸 USA – USA prays the Rosary Telegram: https://t.me/usa_prays_rosary 🇦🇹 AUSTRIA – Initiative ÖSTERREICH…»
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2022-01-13 00:22:22 http://public-rosary.com - Public Rosary all over the world.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom – UK Prays

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2022-01-11 20:00:44 i'm thinking on make a bible reading plan with comentaries, do you guys know other comentaries besides these? @despertarferro

Old Testament :[Haydock] https://www.ecatholic2000.com/haydock/title.shtml

Pslams [ Saint Bellarmine] https://www.ecatholic2000.com/bell/psalms.shtml

Gospels : [ Saint Thomas Aquinas] https://www.ecatholic2000.com/catena/untitled-111.shtml

Letters : [John Chrysostom] https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/ or [Cornelius Lapide] https://www.ecatholic2000.com/lapide/untitled-170.shtml
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2022-01-09 22:17:29
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2022-01-09 12:22:21
The more worried we are about things we cannot change, the more we overlook that which we can. The more time that you spend sad, angry or anxious over the latest news on the internet; the more you spend yourself in fantasy. Then the less care and energy you have for reality.
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2022-01-08 18:39:25 Internet Medieval Sourcebook Saints' Lives

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2022-01-08 17:55:16
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2022-01-08 09:55:47

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2022-01-07 13:55:04

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