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Logo of telegram channel codemonkeyz — Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ]
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2023-08-27 15:20:16
Meet Nikki Haley.
Anti-Trump, pro-JEB!
Climate change defender.
Supports Black Lives Matter.
Against federal abortion ban.
Passed red flag gun law in SC.
Pushed Russia meddling hoax.
Wants to expand worker visa program.
Believes immigrants are more patriotic than Americans.

What do you think of Nikki Haley?
27.3K views12:20
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2023-08-24 02:57:20 I unravelled the complex matrix of Prigozhin's Psyop.

Take a deep dive into this audacious plot, manipulation & global power play.

Share widely, this knowledge needs to propagate, not stay hidden.

Read here:
46.7K views23:57
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2023-08-23 22:46:30
Meet Tim Scott.
Tim is campaigning for the GOP nomination.
Tim is thankful of Dr. Fauci.
Tim supports masking.
Tim says the Pfizer vaccine is effective.
Tim wants tighter gun control.
Tim wants to defund the police.
What do you think about Tim Scott?
29.3K views19:46
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2023-07-25 01:59:51
Congress is holding hearings this week with whistleblowers who are blowing the whistle on UFOs and aliens.

I sat down with Tony Teora (@agendaalien) from Alien Agenda and we discussed what Congress might be revealing this week.

Listen here:
75.5K views22:59
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2023-07-24 03:13:42 After I heard that Desantis' campaign needs a reboot, I went digging through his campaign filings and found some really interesting things.

DeSantis campaign raised $20 million in two months, why does he need a reboot?

$660k on private jets?
$279k for one Miami hotel?
$87k in Utah?

Is DeSantis' campaign coordinating with SuperPACs?

Read what I found out here:
70.3K views00:13
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2023-07-17 09:47:22 I researched Vivek Ramaswamy's Twitter feed and found that he may not be who you think he is.

Compiled my findings into an easily shared page for you to forward and share everywhere.

Learn more about what might be at stake without complete transparency:
119.3K viewsedited  06:47
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2023-07-14 03:08:40
I took nearly a year-long hiatus from social media to collect my thoughts and observe.

During this year, many psyops were successfully executed by big tech and governments; important events were covered up with simple distractions; people were lead down wild goose chases.

Psyops are next-generation warfare.

It is important to understand how to identify psyops, the players involved, the techniques used, and pathways to run counter-psyops.

I am extremely passionate about this topic and want to share it with you in a consolidated manner, therefore I have decided to make a substack for this discussion.

In the shadowy world of psychological operations, every message is a calculated move.

Learn about white psyops, black psyops and the insidious grey psyops here:
92.8K views00:08
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2023-04-09 23:24:59 Happy Easter!
19.4K views20:24
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2023-03-27 23:53:37
Everyone needs to hear about the RESTRICT Act (S. 686). This bill is also currently known as the "Tik Tok ban" by many. But, it looks as though we were all deceived again. The Tik Tok ban is nothing but a distraction while they try to push the RESTRICT Act into law.
27.9K views20:53
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2023-02-12 17:31:46 Improve spiritually, mentally, physically.

Stick together, strengthen one another. Stay safe.

Maintain peace and harmony.
34.3K views14:31
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