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Logo of telegram channel cig_telegram — /CIG/ Telegram | Counter Intelligence Global
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/CIG/ presents viewers a controversial blend of ultraright genopolitics with geopolitics. This includes an exposé on current news, history and social matters along with the public enlightenment gained from völkisch aesthetics.
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2023-11-29 04:50:03
In Venice, a man was attacked by two Tunisian immigrants and stabbed in the face.

He returns home, takes his rifle then kills the two attackers.

Without firm justice, Europeans are starting to take justice into their own hands.

Réalité Actuelle
12.9K viewsFRANCISCVS, 01:50
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2023-11-24 01:48:54
Conor McGregor on X:

"You reap what you sow."

"Any update on the wellbeing of those stabbed today? Absolutely horrific scenes all day, my stomach is churning. With no action being taken at all during these ever more frequent events, like literally zero action taken whatsoever, how do we expect an end to this? We need reform. WE NEED ACTION!"

"I don’t care about president higgins statement. Or Varadkars statement. Or Mary Lou’s. Or Justice McEntee’s. Or Garda commissioner’s. Announce our plan of action!! What are we waiting for? Your statements of nothing are absolutely worthless to the solving of this issue. Take Action!! Fix this situation IMMEDIATELY!"

" What would Daniel O’ Connell say I wonder? What would our Irish leaders past say on the situation we face today? God bless Ireland "
16.4K viewsFRANCISCVS, 22:48
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2023-11-21 05:43:43
"Israeli soldiers calling Palestinians "n*ggers," singing about incinerating Gazans, and proudly proclaiming their real intention to "conquer, expel and settle" all of Gaza. These are some of the things Israelis post online as the genocide against Palestinians continues."

BreakThrough News
12.8K viewsFRANCISCVS, 02:43
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2023-11-21 01:21:37
Two days out from an election, Dutch right-wing leader Thierry Baudet has been hospitalized after a violent attack. This follows a pattern of leftist attacks and assassination attempts on populist leaders and activists this year: Antifa activist smashes…
18.7K viewsFRANCISCVS, 22:21
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2023-11-20 23:16:02
— Head of the United Nations Human Rights Committees told Al Jazeera: What is happening now in the Gaza Strip is an arab holocaust made by Israel
13.8K viewsFRANCISCVS, 20:16
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2023-11-18 07:55:10
Alex Jones goes OFF on Netanyahu, declares he is not a toilet bowl for Israel:

“I don’t say that because I hate Jews, I say that because I’m not a toilet bowl you sit on and sh*t on."

AF Post
18.1K viewsFRANCISCVS, 04:55
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2023-11-18 07:55:10
Elon Musk published a video of Ben Shapiro performing damage control in response to Musk's comment the other day. A seemingly accidental affirmation of the notion that Jewish voices are pushing anti-White hatred.

This comes during tumultuous times when Israel is widely considered to have lost the Information War.

Ben Shapiro:
"It is true that certain Jewish organizations have bought into and promoted Diversity, Equity and Inclusion..."

"There are certain Jewish groups of Liberal orientation that support that sort of stuff. Many of those groups have also pushed for open borders."

"Presumably, Musk was reading the term Jewish communities and instead seeing the letters ADL."

We're now at the point where Ben Shapiro is forced to play defense on the other side of the court. Reluctantly operating within the framework where the base premise is that Jews are behind anti-White hatred, open borders and DEI policies. The only angle he can now play is that "not all Jews support this". Going as far to mention the open borders policy backfiring because of the threat it posed to Jewish communities in the west. Notably absent from his ontology, he still doesn't seem to care about the negative effects that mass migration might have on non-Jewish communities in the west, especially White Christians.
18.5K viewsFRANCISCVS, 04:55
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2023-11-18 00:25:24
- House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that all January 6th tapes will be released today.
14.0K viewsFRANCISCVS, 21:25
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2023-11-17 22:20:09
A town in Gretchen Whitmer's Michigan just announced that not only is it not going to be enforcing red flag laws on gun and ammo purchases, it is also forming a militia outside the governor's control to safeguard these rights.

Carolina Lion
40.1K viewsFRANCISCVS, edited  19:20
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2023-11-13 03:38:45
Hamas destroyed 88 armored vehicles in 5 days.

Al Jazeera:

Satellite image analysis shows that the number of vehicles in northwest Gaza decreased on November 8 to 295, after it was 383 on November 3."

22.3K viewsFRANCISCVS, 00:38
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